E2E Supply Chain Excellence


How Can I Help?


My focus is on driving positive change to your organisation. Some of my areas of support are listed below, however if you have a specific requirement feel free to contact me to discuss. Some examples of successful initiatives can be seen in the case studies section of the site.


Transformation / Change Management

From developing the understanding of what a transformation is for you organisation, why and what it needs to deliver. Mapping out how the transformation will be implemented in  your organisation understanding the cultural and commercial drivers of your business. To implementing the strategy and delivering the expected results.


Organisational Governance mechanisms development and implementation to suit your organisation that will protect your business without tying it up in red tape. Whether this is development of existing processes or design and implementation of new systems and process or a combination of both.


Operational Improvement - Continuous Improvement

Assessing the current operating opportunities via various methodologies, from board level down or shop floor up, using proven pragmatic experience in delivering sustainable improvement at all levels of you business. Identifying benefits, prioritising overall improvement plan, developing a delivery plan and implementing, measuring success. Implementing lean / analytical methodologies when they are required not as a default, therefore driving improvement faster and gaining momentum and credibility quickly.



Business Simplification - whether this via re-engineering from 1st principles, portfolio rationalisation, de-coupling the supply chain or simply simplifying based on internal and external cost drivers. Some of the most beneficial results to you of simplification may be external to your organisation!


Process Simplification - Most business processes are created by evolution rather than design. This often leads to over complicated, costly, inefficient processes that few have genuine understanding of. This makes systems development difficult, expensive and of a poor quality.

New Business Start-up

Creation of inbound and outbound supply chain and planning systems to meet start-up budgets and timings. This can be from a very simplistic pragmatic solution to fully developed practices and resource plans depending on the budget and scale of the business.


I am happy to assist on a full time or part time basis for long, medium or short term contracts.